Derald Sue Wing Overcoming Our Racism. The Journey to Liberation

This extraordinary book by Derald Wing Sue, a highly-regarded academic and author, helps readers understand and combat racism in themselves. It defines racism not only as extreme acts of hatred, but as «any attitude, action or institutional structure or social policy that subordinates a person or group because of their color.» This landmark work offers an antidote to this pervasive social problem. Shows how each of us has a role in the oppression of others, and what we can do about it Offers a way to overcome racism on a very intimate level Outlines specific guidelines and suggested activities

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Derald Wing Sue Microaggressions in Everyday Life

Derald Wing Sue Microintervention Strategies

Derald Sue Wing Microaggressions in Everyday Life. Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Praise for Microaggressions in Everyday Life «In a very constructive way, Dr. Sue provides time-tested psychological suggestions to make our society free of microaggressions. It is a brilliant resource and ideal teaching tool for all those who wish to alter the forces that promote pain for people.» —Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD, ABPPPresident, American Psychological Association «Microaggressions in Everyday Life offers an insightful, scholarly, and thought-provoking analysis of the existence of subtle, often unintentional biases, and their profound impact on members of traditionally disadvantaged groups. The concept of microaggressions is one of the most important developments in the study of intergroup relations over the past decade, and this volume is the definitive source on the topic.» —John F. Dovidio, PhD Professor of Psychology, Yale University «Derald Wing Sue has written a must-read book for anyone who deals with diversity at any level. Microaggressions in Everyday Life will bring great rewards in understanding and awareness along with practical guides to put them to good use.» —James M. Jones, PhD Professor of Psychology and Director of Black American Studies, University of Delaware «This is a major contribution to the multicultural discourse and to understanding the myriad ways that discrimination can be represented and its insidious effects. Accessible and well documented, it is a pleasure to read.» —Beverly Greene, PhD, ABPP Diplomate in Clinical Psychology and Professor of Psychology, St. John's University A transformative look at covert bias, prejudice, and discrimination with hopeful solutions for their eventual dissolution Written by bestselling author Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation is a first-of-its-kind guide on the subject of microaggressions. This book insightfully looks at the various kinds of microaggressions and their psychological effects on both perpetrators and their targets. Thought provoking and timely, Dr. Sue suggests realistic and optimistic guidance for combating—and ending—microaggressions in our society.

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Derald Sue Wing Microaggression Theory

Get to know the sociopolitical context behind microaggressions Microaggressions are brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership (e.g., race, gender, culture, religion, social class, sexual orientation, etc.). These daily, common manifestations of aggression leave many people feeling vulnerable, targeted, angry, and afraid. How has this become such a pervasive part of our social and political rhetoric, and what is the psychology behind it? In Microaggression Theory, the original research team that created the microaggressions taxonomy, Gina Torino, David Rivera, Christina Capodilupo, Kevin Nadal, and Derald Wing Sue, address these issues head-on in a fascinating work that explores the newest findings of microaggressions in their sociopolitical context. It delves into how the often invisible nature of this phenomenon prevents perpetrators from realizing and confronting their own complicity in creating psychological dilemmas for marginalized groups, and discusses how prejudice, privilege, safe spaces, and cultural appropriation have become themes in our contentious social and political discourse. Details the psychological effects of microaggressions in separate chapters covering clinical impact, trauma, related stress syndromes, and the effect on perpetrators Examines how microaggressions affect education, employment, health care, and the media Explores how social policies and practices can minimize the occurrence and impact of microaggressions in a range of environments Investigates how microaggressions relate to larger social movements If you come across the topic of microaggressions in your day-to-day life, you can keep the conversation going in a productive manner—with research to back it up!

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Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl Understanding Racism

[i][/i] Understanding Racism systematically examines the theories and theorists that have contributed the most to our contemporary understanding of racism in its various forms—making it easier for you to understand the multiple dynamics of how racism operates. In every chapter, activist and award-winning sociologist Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl describes the emergence of a theory and the problem it addresses; discusses the scholars who are most closely associated with the theory; and explores the strengths and limitations of the theory. From foundational theories such as Prejudice and White Privilege to contemporary theories such as Color-Blind Racism, Understanding Racism is the first text to present thirteen approaches for explaining racism in one book. The book's systematic organization and pedagogical features will help you think theoretically about race and racism at different levels of analysis, as well as reflect and discuss how to challenge racism.

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Derald Wing Sue Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence

Learn to talk about race openly, honestly, and productively Most people avoid discussion of race-related topics because of the strong emotions and feelings of discomfort that inevitably accompany such conversations. Rather than endure the conflict of racial realities, many people choose instead to avoid the topic altogether, or remain silent when it is raised. Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence: Understanding and Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race puts an end to that dynamic by sharing strategies for smoothing conversations about race in a productive manner. A guide for facilitating and participating in difficult dialogues about race, author Derald Wing Sue – an internationally recognized expert on multiculturalism, diversity, and microaggressions – explores the characteristics, dynamics, and meaning behind discussions about race as well as the hidden «ground rules» that inhibit honest and productive dialogue. Through emotional and visceral examples, this book explains why conversations revolving around racial issues are so difficult, and provides guidelines, techniques, and advice for navigating and leading honest and forthright discussions. Readers will develop a stronger ability to build rapport with people unlike themselves, and discover how not talking about race impacts society as a whole. Overcome and make visible the fears associated with race talk Learn practical ideas for talking openly about race Facilitate and navigate discussion with expert strategy Examine the hidden rules that govern race talk Understand the benefits of successful conversations Discussions about race do not have to result in disastrous consequences, and can in fact be highly beneficial to all parties involved. It's important that people have the ability to converse openly and honestly with their students, colleagues, children, and neighbors, and Race Talk provides the path for achieving this goal.

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Robert Chu Complete Wing Chun

Master the many styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu with this expert martial arts guide. With the fame of Bruce Lee, the conditions in Hong Kong, and the hard work and effort of many of his classmates, the Wing Chun of the late master Yip Man became one of the most well-known and popular Chinese martial arts in the world. Although this gave Wing Chun international recognition, it also led to a lot of misconceptions. Due to a lack of authentic information, many mistakenly came to assume that the renowned Yip Man was the sole inheritor of the style and that his Wing Chun was the lone version of the art.In fact, there are several different and distinct systems of Wing Chun. Unfortunately, over the years most of these systems have remained unseen or unreported to all but a few—until now.Profusely illustrated with over 300 historical photographs, Complete Wing Chun: The Definitive Guide to Wing Chun's History and Traditions presents seldom seen information on a dozen branches of the Wing Chun art. It offers the reader side-by-side comparison of these arts by outlining each system in terms of Wing Chun history, principles, basics, and training methods:Yip Man Wing ChunYuen Kay-San Wing Chun KuenGu Lao Wing Chun KuenNanyang Wing Chun KuenPan Nam Wing Chun KuenPao Fa Lien Wing Chun KuenHung Suen Wing Chun Kuenand more!

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Derald Wing Sue Microaggressions in Everyday Life

The essential, authoritative guide to microaggressions, revised and updated The revised and updated second edition of Microaggressions in Everyday Life presents an introduction to the concept of microaggressions, classifies the various types of microaggressions, and offers solutions for ending microaggressions at the individual, group, and community levels. The authors—noted experts on the topic—explore the psychological effects of microaggressions on both perpetrators and targets. Subtle racism, sexism, and heterosexism remain relatively invisible and potentially harmful to the wellbeing, self-esteem, and standard of living of many marginalized groups in society. The book examines the manifestations of various forms of microaggressions and explores their impact. The text covers: researching microaggressions, exploring microaggressions in education, identifying best practices teaching about microaggressions, understanding microaggressions in the counseling setting, as well as guidelines for combating microaggressions. Each chapter concludes with a section called «The Way Forward» that provides guidelines, strategies, and interventions designed to help make our society free of microaggressions. This important book: Offers an updated edition of the seminal work on microaggressions Distinguishes between microaggressions and macroaggressions Includes new information on social media as a key site where microaggressions occur Presents updated qualitative and quantitative findings Introduces the concept of microinterventions Contains new coverage throughout the text with fresh examples and new research findings from a wide range of studies Written for students, faculty, and practitioners of psychology, education, social work, and related disciplines, the revised edition of Microaggressions in Everyday Life illustrates the impact microaggressions have on both targets and perpetrators and offers suggestions to eradicate microaggressions.

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Sue Goetz The Herb Lover's Spa Book

In her new book, herb gardener, spa enthusiast and award-winning garden designer Sue Goetz shows us how to create the luxury spa experience in our own home, featuring fragrant, therapeutic herbs from the garden. With lavish photos throughout, The Herb Lover’s Spa Book gives the reader simple steps for growing and preparing herbs for the home spa… aromatherapy oils, lotions, tub teas, masks, scrubs, sachets, travel bath mixes, and more. It has never been easier to enjoy the spa ambiance and let the stress of the day melt away.

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Derald Wing Sue - Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Derald Wing Sue is a professor of counseling psychology at Columbia University. He has authored several books, including Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, Overcoming our Racism, and Understanding Abnormal Behavior.

Sue, Derald W. (dw2020) | Teachers College, Columbia ...

Derald Wing Sue has made generations of therapists and social scientists aware of the need to address issues of race, gender and sexual orientation. Celebrating Psychology AT TEACHERS COLLEGE, we believe that collaboration across the academic disciplines offers the best hope for solving the most challenging problems in education and human development. One of the most compelling stories of ...

Derald Wing Sue | Psychology Wiki | Fandom

Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology at Columbia University.1 He is one of the most cited multicultural scholars in the United States. 2 He is the author of several books, including Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, Overcoming our Racism, and Understanding Abnormal Behavior.34 Sue was born in Portland, Oregon to a Chinese American family. He lived in a ...

Derald Sue - IResearchNet

Derald Wing Sue is undoubtedly one of the most prominent figures in the area of multicultural counseling and research. Throughout his career he has challenged the ethnocentric monoculturalism of Western psychology. He pioneered the field of multicultural counseling through his vision, courage, and tireless efforts. Among his contributions are conducting research on Asian Americans’ mental […]

Speaker Derald Wing Sue | Diversity & Microaggressions ...

For Dr. and speaker Derald Wing Sue, the son of parents who emigrated from China, early childhood experiences of being teased about his ethnicity led to his fascination with human behavior. He is now one of the most prominent voices in cross-cultural studies. His work focuses on multicultural counseling and diversity training.

Dr. Derald Wing Sue on Microaggressions - N.A.H.

Dr. Derald Wing Sue on Microaggressions by Relando Thompkins-Jones · September 13, 2020 “I think that people who say that we are preventing individuals from free speech don’t realize ironically, that it is people of color that historically, have not been able to express themselves openly, or freely without punitive actions being directed at them.”

DR. DERALD WING SUE Microaggressions in his own words ...

DR. DERALD WING SUE Microaggressions in his own words - Collaborative Agency Group Author of the acclaimed book Microaggressions in Everyday Life, pioneer in...

Microaggressions - Derald Wing Sue | Auburn University ...

Best-selling author of critically acclaimed book, Microaggressions in Everyday Life Derald Wing Sue is professor of psychology and education in the Departmen...

Derald Wing Sue Ph.D. -

Derald Wing Sue Ph.D. Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.

(PDF) Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions in Everyday Life ...

Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation. September 2011; Social Service Review 85(3):519-521; DOI: 10.1086/663007. Authors: Kelly F. Jackson ...

Derald Wing Sue Ph.D. | Psychology Today

Derald Wing Sue is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College and the School of Social Work, Columbia University. He received ...

Multidimensional Facets of Cultural Competence - Derald ...

Derald Wing Sue. Teachers College, Columbia University, [email protected] Abstract References Abstract. Calls for incorporating cultural competence in psychology have been hindered for a number of reasons: belief in the universality of psychological laws and theories, the invisibility of monocultural policies and practices, differences over defining cultural competence, and the lack of a ...

Derald Wing Sue Ph.D. | Psychology Today

Derald Wing Sue is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College and the School of Social Work, Columbia University.

How to Respond to Racial Microaggressions When They Occur ...

In the widely referenced article, Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life [2], Dr. Derald Wing Sue and colleagues argued that this sense of paralysis occurs because observers are typically unsure about what actually occurred, lack awareness on how to respond, are concerned about negative repercussions that may occur if they do respond, perceive that it may be better do to nothing, or somehow ...

Racial microaggressions in everyday life: Implications for ...

I [Derald Wing Sue, the senior author, an Asian American] recently traveled with an African American colleague on a plane flying from New York to Boston. The plane was a small “hopper” with a single row of seats on one side and double seats on the other. As the plane was only sparsely populated, we were told by the flight attendant (White) that we could sit anywhere, so we sat at the front ...

Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and ...

(PsycCRITIQUES, 22 September2010) "Derald Wing Sue, an expert on discrimination, enlightens onmatters like this, in Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race,Gender and Sexual Orientation. He is no lightweight.

Derald Wing Sue on microaggression, the implicit racism ...

Derald Wing Sue, author of the 2010 book, Microaggressions in Everyday Life, and professor of psychology at Columbia University’s graduate school of education, has been writing about ...

Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life

First coined by Pierce in 1970, the term refers to Òsubtle, stunning, often automatic, and non-verbal ex- Derald Wing Sue Christina M. Capodilupo 272 MayÐJune 2007 American Psychologist changes which are Ôput downsÕÓ (Pierce, Carew, Pierce- Gonzalez, & Willis, 1978, p. 66).

Interview: Derald Wing Sue | The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

Derald Wing Sue was born in Portland, Oregon and is Chinese American. He grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and remembers being teased due to his ethnicity. Although the prejudice and discrimination negatively affected Sue, it prompted him to study multiculturalism and later, cross-cultural counseling. Sue is a certified hypnotherapist in Portland. He has authored 23 books and has ...

Featured Psychologist: Derald Wing Sue, PhD

Born in Portland, Ore., Dr. Derald Wing Sue is the son of parents who emigrated from China. Early childhood memories of being teased due to his ethnicity lead to his fascination with human behavior. His deep interest and passion led him to becoming one of the most prominent voices in cross cultural studies.

Microaggression Research of TC’s Derald Wing Sue Cited in ...

To explain her reaction, Singletary — whose husband received that compliment on a vacation a while back — cites the work of Teachers College’s Derald Wing Sue, Professor of Psychology & Education, a leading expert on microaggressions, which Sue describes as “the everyday slights, insults, indignities, put-downs and allegations that people of color experience in their day-to-day interactions with well-intentioned White [people].”

Derald Wing Sue | Mini Moments With Big Thinkers ...

Born to a Chinese-American family in Portland, Oregon, Derald Wing Sue, Professor of Psychology and Education in TC's Counseling Psychology program in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, has shown that "microagressions" -- unintended slights or social cues by members of a dominant group that make members of minority groups uncomfortable -- can cause greater psychological harm than overt racism or other bias.

Racial microaggressions in everyday life: implications for ...

Derald Wing Sue 1 , Christina M Capodilupo, Gina C Torino, Jennifer M Bucceri, Aisha M B Holder, Kevin L Nadal, Marta Esquilin Affiliation 1 Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027, USA. [email protected]

Derald Wing Sue -

Derald Wing Sue is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College and the School of Social Work, Columbia University.

Derald Wing Sue

Folgen Sie Derald Wing Sue und entdecken Sie seine/ihre Bibliografie von Derald Wing Sue Autorenseite.

Derald Wing Sue: Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence ...

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...

Conversations w/Great Minds P1 - Derald Wing Sue - The ...

Thom's guest for tonight's Conversations with Great Minds is one of America's most influential thinkers on muliticulturalism and race - Professor Derald Wing...

What is a microaggression? | PBS NewsHour

Columbia University Professor Derald Wing Sue explains microaggressions, how they impact people and what can be done to address them.

A family for Asian psychologists

As adults, Derald Wing Sue and Stanley Sue, PhD, both became psychologists during the late 1960s and early 1970s, when racial and ethnic identity movements flourished. The example set by African Americans and Hispanic Americans in demanding attention to their communities' concerns inspired them to try to do the same for Asian Americans, Derald Sue says. However, identity politics had not ... Derald Wing Sue: Books

by David Sue, Derald Wing Sue, et al. | Feb 11, 2013. 4.8 out of 5 stars 39. Paperback $12.31 $ 12. 31 to rent. FREE delivery. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. eTextbook $44.13 $ 44. 13 to rent $125.99 to buy. Available instantly. Healing the Soul Wound: Counseling with American Indians and Other Native People (Multicultural Foundations of Psychology and Counseling Series Book 5) by Eduardo ...

Derald Wing Sue – CDs, LPs, Blu-ray Discs und mehr online ...

Derald Wing Sue. Microintervention Strategies. In this new and cutting-edge book, we extend and expand the concept of microinterventions to include their role in nullifying the harmful impact of microaggressions and macroaggressions directed toward ma… lieferbar ab 9.3.2021. Buch EUR 36,89* ...

Sue, Derald Wing - The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality ...

Derald Wing Sue (1942–) is an American psychologist known for his extensive and highly influential research on Asian American psychology, multicultural counseling, racism, and microaggressions (APA, 2013; Munsey, 2006). Sue is the most commonly cited author of multicultural publications, and his research has been highly influential in national discourses on race relations and social justice ...

How unintentional but insidious bias can be the most ...

National attention has been focused on overt racial tensions on college campuses across the country. But what about smaller, subtle, more persistent forms of...

Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life | Psychology Today

Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College and the School of Social Work, Columbia University. Online:

Derald Wing Sue | Teachers College, Columbia University

Derald Wing Sue You speak English very well." It might seem like a compliment, but to the recipient, the underlying message can be: You are a perpetual foreigner in your own country. TC psychologist Derald Wing Sue -- featured this week's in "Mini Moments with Big Thinkers" on the TC homepage -- has shown that such unintended "microagressions" can cause greater harm than overt racism. Born to ...

Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Sue, Derald ...

Microaggressions in Everyday Life | Sue, Derald Wing, Spanierman, Lisa | ISBN: 9781119513797 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.


by Derald Wing Sue, PhD Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. 2 Race talk is often not about the substance of an argument, but a cover for what is actually happening. To facilitate difficult dialogue about race in a productive manner, instructors need to understand not only the content of the communication but the process resulting from the interpersonal ...

Disarming Racial Microaggressions: Microintervention ...

Derald Wing Sue DISARMING MICROAGGRESSIONS 129. tion that nonrace-based offenses are no different from race-based ones (Sue, 2010). Sue (in press) has made a strong case that racial micro-aggressions are different from “everyday rudeness” in the following ways. They are (a) constant and continual in the lives of people of color, (b) cumulative in nature and rep-resent a lifelong burden of ...

Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation: Sue ...

Derald Wing Sue points us to a path. He invites readers to engage him in dialogues to confront the master narrative of American history― the story that this country was settled by European immigrants and that Americans are white.Taking us beyond the Black and White binary, he illuminates the experiences of Americans of the twenty-first century's society of expanding ethnic diversity ...

Microaggressions in Everyday Life - Kindle edition by Sue ...

Microaggressions in Everyday Life - Kindle edition by Sue, Derald Wing, Spanierman, Lisa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Microaggressions in Everyday Life. Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and ...

This item: Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice by Derald Wing Sue Paperback $49.40. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Lintclean and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Details. Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Gerald Corey Hardcover $100.05. In stock on January 26, 2021. Order it now. Sold by *Smart Student* and ships from Amazon Fulfillment ...

Mikroaggression – Wikipedia

Mikroaggression (englisch microaggression) ist ein sozialpsychologischer Begriff, der 1970 von Chester Pierce geprägt wurde, um winzige, als übergriffig wahrgenommene Äußerungen in der alltäglichen Kommunikation zu beschreiben. Darunter werden kurze, alltägliche Äußerungen verstanden, die an die andere Person abwertende Botschaften senden, welche sich auf deren Gruppenzugehörigkeit ...

Multicultural Social Work Practice -

erald Wing Sue’s book . Multicultural Social Work Practice. reflects the most important underlying principles of social work. These principles have too often been hidden from view by the power dynam-ics of our society. These individualistic and materialistic dynamics make it hard to think or operate in systemic ways that would allow us to be

Derald Wing Sue – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio ...

DERALD WING SUE Derald Wing Sue is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College and the School of Social Work, Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, and has served as a training faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies and the Columbia University Executive Training Programs ...

Derald Wing Sue Named to UNESCO Multicultural Effort ...

Derald Wing Sue, TC Professor of Psychology and Education, has been named by the United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to serve on a 10-member advisory panel for the Teaching Respect for All project, an effort to develop a global curriculum designed to foster racial, ethnic and multicultural tolerance among children ages 10 to 16.

Books by Derald Wing Sue (Author of Counseling the ...

Derald Wing Sue has 40 books on Goodreads with 7968 ratings. Derald Wing Sue’s most popular book is Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice.

Derald Sue - San Francisco Bay Area | Professional Profile ...

Derald Wing Sue Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. New York, NY. 1 other named Derald Sue is on LinkedIn. See others named Derald Sue Add new skills with these courses. Advanced ...

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David McDermott Trust In the Lord

This book of prayers is a continuation from my second book, &quot;Peace be still.&quot; That book was inspired by the writing of the 14th century mystic, Julian of Norwich.<br><br>In the prayers I have shown that regardless of what trial and tribulation we encounter in our temporal life our faith and the Holy Spirit will help us prevail.<br><br>Also if we turn from our self-will and seek God&#39;s will for our life then the problems we had before will disappear as we are given new direction, purpose and joy through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in overcoming our nature.

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Wing Over Wing clears a path in the midst of everyday life to reveal the holy—whether catching fireflies at night, waiting at a bus stop, or experiencing the death of a loved one. This collection of beautiful poems lives at the intersection of the sacred and the ordinary, from the swirling flight of birds to conversations with the homeless. Wing Over Wing brims with compassion. The reader will find comfort and sustenance, as well as surprise and laughter, in these pages.

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Peter Hudson Racism After Apartheid

Racism after Apartheid , volume four of the Democratic Marxism series, brings together leading scholars and activists from around the world studying and challenging racism.&nbsp;In eleven thematically rich and conceptually informed chapters, the contributors interrogate the complex nexus of questions surrounding race and relations of oppression as they are played out in the global South and global North. Their work challenges Marxism and anti-racism to take these lived realities seriously and consistently struggle to build human solidarities.

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John Lovchik Racism

Race and separate races of human beings do not exist. They are a myth. Yet, racism is very real. Because racism is the namesake of something that does not exist, there is general confusion about what it actually is. This confusion has served to protect racism, and even reinforce it. By reviewing the entire history of racism, this book shows exactly what racism is: a subjective system of ranking groups of people and the belief that there is a natural social order of those groups.
The lie of inferior and superior groups of people originated as a justification for slavery. Plantation owners, lawmakers, and scientists carefully nurtured the myth until long after slavery had ended. It has survived for centuries and continues to be used to separate people. Every white person needs to be aware of that history in order to understand how the myth of race and a hierarchy of humanity lingers in each of us and in all of our institutions.

2007.76 RUR

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Ирвин Ялом Staring at the Sun. Overcoming the Terror of Death

Written in Irv Yalom's inimitable story-telling style, Staring at the Sun is a profoundly encouraging approach to the universal issue of mortality. In this magisterial opus, capping a lifetime of work and personal experience, Dr. Yalom helps us recognize that the fear of death is at the heart of much of our anxiety. Such recognition is often catalyzed by an «awakening experience»—a dream, or loss (the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job or home), illness, trauma, or aging. Once we confront our own mortality, Dr. Yalom writes, we are inspired to rearrange our priorities, communicate more deeply with those we love, appreciate more keenly the beauty of life, and increase our willingness to take the risks necessary for personal fulfillment.

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Группа авторов The Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North

Did American racism originate in the liberal North? An inquiry into the system of institutionalized racism created by Northern Jim Crow Jim Crow was not a regional sickness, it was a national cancer. Even at the high point of twentieth century liberalism in the North, Jim Crow racism hid in plain sight. Perpetuated by colorblind arguments about &#8220;cultures of poverty,&#8221; policies focused more on black criminality than black equality. Procedures that diverted resources in education, housing, and jobs away from poor black people turned ghettos and prisons into social pandemics. Americans in the North made this history. They tried to unmake it, too. Liberalism, rather than lighting the way to vanquish the darkness of the Jim Crow North gave racism new and complex places to hide. The twelve original essays in this anthology unveil Jim Crow&#8217;s many strange careers in the North. They accomplish two goals: first, they show how the Jim Crow North worked as a system to maintain social, economic, and political inequality in the nation&#8217;s most liberal places; and second, they chronicle how activists worked to undo the legal, economic, and social inequities born of Northern Jim Crow policies, practices, and ideas. The book ultimately dispels the myth that the South was the birthplace of American racism, and presents a compelling argument that American racism actually originated in the North.

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Peter J. Bellini Truth Therapy

Our world is inundated with war, poverty, disease, economic crises, terrorism, unemployment, fatherlessness, addictions, divorce, abortion, sex trafficking, racism, depression and anxiety, information and stimulation overload, and the list goes on and on. Where do people find relief? How do people find true peace and hope? Do they find it? Do they even find it in church, or do they endlessly and hopelessly search? Truth Therapy is a devotional strategy for spiritual formation and discipleship that employs scripture, basic Christian truths, the names of God, and faith affirmations blended with cognitive-behavioral theory. It is an intentional approach that tackles many of the maladies of our day that impede believers from growing and overcoming in Christ, such as stress, worry, fear, depression, and anxiety. The fundamental premises of Truth Therapy are that lies bind us, but the truth sets us free. The lies we believe are the primary weapons used to defeat us, while the truth we believe can be the key to setting us free. Truth Therapy provides a framework for identifying and evaluating the lies we believe and replacing those lies with the truth found in the word of God for every area of our life. Truth Therapy can be used in multiple settings, such as personal devotions, group devotions, small group study, discipleship, counseling, and in intercession.

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Derald Sue Wing Microaggressions and Marginality. Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact

A landmark volume exploring covert bias, prejudice, and discrimination with hopeful solutions for their eventual dissolution Exploring the psychological dynamics of unconscious and unintentional expressions of bias and prejudice toward socially devalued groups, Microaggressions and Marginality: Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact takes an unflinching look at the numerous manifestations of these subtle biases. It thoroughly deals with the harm engendered by everyday prejudice and discrimination, as well as the concept of microaggressions beyond that of race and expressions of racism. Edited by a nationally renowned expert in the field of multicultural counseling and ethnic and minority issues, this book features contributions by notable experts presenting original research and scholarly works on a broad spectrum of groups in our society who have traditionally been marginalized and disempowered. The definitive source on this topic, Microaggressions and Marginality features: In-depth chapters on microaggressions towards racial/ethnic, international/cultural, gender, LGBT, religious, social, and disabled groups Chapters on racial/ethnic microaggressions devoted to specific populations including African Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, indigenous populations, and biracial/multiracial people A look at what society must do if it is to reduce prejudice and discrimination directed at these groups Discussion of the common dynamics of covert and unintentional biases Coping strategies enabling targets to survive such onslaughts Timely and thought-provoking, Microaggressions and Marginality is essential reading for any professional dealing with diversity at any level, offering guidance for facing and opposing microaggressions in today's society.

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Kristóf Szombati The Revolt of the Provinces

The first in-depth ethnographic monograph on the New Right in Central and Eastern Europe, The Revolt of the Provinces explores the making of right-wing hegemony in Hungary over the last decade. It explains the spread of racist sensibilities in depressed rural areas, shows how activists, intellectuals and politicians took advantage of popular racism to empower right-wing agendas and examines the new ruling party's success in stabilizing an 'illiberal regime'. To illuminate these important dynamics, the author proposes an innovative multi-scalar and relational framework, focusing on interaction between social antagonisms emerging on the local level and struggles waged within the political public sphere.

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Joseph Wayne Smith, Dr. Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 3

In <i>Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques</i>, the final Wing Chun book in this Chinese martial arts series, author Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith applies dynamic scientific methodology to Wing Chun training tools and weapons, providing a complete analysis of why and how each item is used. The reader is led step-by-step through the use of the Wing Chun Wooden-Dummy&#8212;a valuable training tool for developing trapping, striking, and kicking skills; the Wing Chun Butterfly Knives&#8212;deadly bladed weapons for both attack and defense; and the Six-and-a-Half Pole&#8212;a simple but devastating weapon in the hands of the Wing Chun fighter. The author encourages students to recognize the practical and physical benefits of traditional fighting weapons in the modern environment.

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