Lee Breuer The Gospel at Colonus

A founding member of the acclaimed New York-based company Mabou Mines, Breuer's gifts as a writer and director have have made him a mainstay of the theatrical avant-garde.

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Lee Breuer Getting Off

Since he first arrived on the New York art/theatre/performance scene in 1970, Lee Breuer has been at the forefront of the American theatrical avant-garde, creating challenging works both independently and with Mabou Mines, the company he co-founded with JoAnne Akalaitis, Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, and David Warrilow. By blending disciplines and techniques from widely different cultures, he has created a unique performance genre fusing sound and musical components, visual arts, and arresting movement/dance/puppetry into a groundbreaking form. Breuer’s work as a director includes radical adaptations of major works, such as his celebrated stagings of The Lost Ones by Samuel Beckett,  The Gospel at Colonus , inspired by Sophocles, a gender-reversed King Lear , and a revolutionary reinterpretation of Ibsen with Mabou Mines DollHouse . Breuer has also been a prolific writer who redefines the concept of character and the use of biography in such works as The Shaggy Dog Animation, A Prelude to Death in Venice, Hajj, Ecco Porco , and La Divina Caricatura in a distinctive American voice. In this volume, theatre historian and journalist Stephen Nunns has assembled a unique look into one of contemporary theatre’s most singular creative minds. Using interviews and excerpts from Breuer’s writings, with added historical commentary, the thrilling result is equal parts autobiography, artistic manifesto, and critical exploration. Extensively illustrated with photographs of his work from around the world, this is a one-of-a-kind portrait of the artist and theatrical activist at work.  

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Lee A Wyatt The Incredible Shrinking Gospel

The church is working with a shrunken Gospel, robbed of its power, limited in its scope, and unable to catch the interest of those it needs to reach. Who is responsible? More importantly, how can we reclaim the full content and the powerful nature of the Gospel itself? In this book, retired pastor Lee Wyatt looks at the crisis in the church, one he believes is caused by our loss of this full Gospel message. To rebuild our understanding he then revisits Jesus, helping us to become acquainted with Him and the meaning of his mission. Then, and only then, with this rebuilt picture of Jesus, does he revisit evangelism, and tell us how we can turn our efforts to reach around the world. Only when we have “unshrunk” our gospel can we successfully evangelize.

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Sophocles Plays of Sophocles: Oedipus the King; Oedipus at Colonus; Antigone

W. Mark Tew Luke

In Luke: Gospel to the Nameless and Faceless, Dr. W. Mark Tew offers the Christian reader a commentary like none other. Combining a detailed examination of the Greek text, a fresh translation of the Gospel, and a commitment to presenting the meaning of the Gospel in a fluid and contemporary fashion, Luke: Gospel to the Nameless and Faceless presents the advanced student and the casual reader alike with an inspirational look at the timeless beauty of Luke's Gospel. Committed to the literary integrity of Scripture, the author allowed the Greek text of the Gospel of Luke to determine the organizational structure of the book. Because of this, readers will find themselves immersed in the message of Jesus that Luke portrayed. Luke: Gospel to the Nameless and Faceless is destined to become an inspirational classic.

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Michael J. Lowis The Gospel Miracles: What Really Happened?

The Gospel Miracles examines the thirty-five miracles performed by Jesus, as reported in the four Gospels. The objectives are firstly to try and determine what really happened at the time they were enacted and, secondly, to see if it is possible to explain them. This exercise is neither an attempt to deny miracles, nor to blindly accept the accounts as inerrant, but it is an unbiased attempt to arrive at the truth. The findings conclude that sometimes there are possible naturalistic or simple alternative explanations to a supernatural one. However, this does not discount the possibility that Jesus employed natural means at the right time for the right reasons. The Gospel Miracles concludes with a summary of some more modern reports of miraculous events.

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Y. S. Lee Agency 2: The Body at the Tower

Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus

Perhaps the most philosophical of the three Theban plays, «Oedipus at Colonus» continues the story begun in «Oedipus the King.» Oedipus is a blind beggar, tainted by his past, and nearing the end of his life. He travels with his daughter, Antigone, until they reach the holy ground of the Furies, which coincides with the prophecy of his place of death. There he is sought after by the warring kings of Athens and Thebes, for his final resting place will grant victory and peace to the country in which his body will reside. Written in the final year of Sophocles' life, this play addresses morality and guilt, fate, and the inexplicable and heroic transformation of a man who perseveres through a difficult life.

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R. Jackson Painter The Gospel of John

Part of the genius of the Gospel of John comes from how the author infuses the gospel message into every part of the Gospel. In The Gospel of John: A Thematic Approach, Jackson Painter investigates John's literary-theological strategy by identifying seven key themes and showing the reader how to detect them in any portion of the Gospel as well as how to see the themes interacting with one another to create John's distinct theological message about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The author gives numerous examples of the elements and motifs that comprise the themes and presents three studies that illustrate how the themes interact. Students of the Gospel of John will come away with a newfound ability to understand and interpret the Gospel of John.

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Breuer Miles John The Einstein See-Saw

The Gospel at Colonus Pulitzer Prize Finalist Lee Breuer ...

“ The Gospel at Colonus is the masterpiece of the populist side of [Mr. Breuer’s] work, a brilliant merging of Greek tragedy and biblical traditions and an astonishing meditation on death and...

Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright ...

Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright, Leading Force In American Avant-Garde Theater Was 83 Lee Breuer, a cofounder of New York’s groundbreaking experimental theater company Mabou Mines and writer of Broadway’s Pulitzer Prize finalist The Gospel at Colonus, died Sunday at his home in New York. He was 83. His death was...

The gospel at Colonus : Breuer, Lee : Free Download ...

The gospel at Colonus by Breuer, Lee. Publication date 1989 Topics Oedipus (Greek mythological figure) -- Drama Publisher New York, NY : Theatre Communications Group Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetarchivebooks Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin Foundation Contributor Internet Archive Language English. xix, 56 p. : 22 cm Adaptation of: Oedipus at Colonus / Sophocles Notes. obscured ...

The Gospel at Colonus by Lee Breuer - Goodreads

Yeah, I’m going to need to see this one performed before I can truly weigh in on it. While it’s generally true that it’s preferable to see a play performed over reading it, this is doubly true with The Gospel at Colonus, a mash up of Oedipus and the Greek Theatre with the African-American gospel tradition in a Pentecostal church. It’s a very quick play to read, but it’s also a boring ...

Lee Breuer, Co-founder of Experimental Company Mabou Mines ...

Lee Breuer, Cofounder of Experimental Company Mabou Mines, Dies at 83 Breuer's best-known production was The Gospel at Colonus.

Lee Breuer - Wikipedia

Breuer's best-known work is The Gospel at Colonus, a Pentecostal Gospel rendering of Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, created with composer Bob Telson, starring Morgan Freeman and Clarence Fountain. It premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music 's "Next Wave Festival".

Lee Breuer’s The Gospel at Colonus Returns to the ZACH

Lee Breuer’s The Gospel at Colonus is up at the ZACH Theatre until April 27. The work is a re-imagining of Sophocles’ final play. Though second in the trilogy before Antigone, Sophocles wrote the original on his deathbed.As such, I believe the work and all future adaptations sprang from its seed to bear a sort of Oedipal blessing that allows them to flourish despite the odds.

Mabou Mines Theater Company Founder Lee Breuer Passes Away ...

Breuer's best-known work is The Gospel at Colonus, a Pentecostal Gospel rendering of Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, created with composer Bob Telson and starring Morgan Freeman and Clarence...

Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright Was 83 ...

Lee Breuer, a cofounder of New York’s groundbreaking experimental theater company Mabou Mines and writer of Broadway ’s Pulitzer Prize finalist The Gospel at Colonus, died Sunday at his home in New...

City on the Edge: Lee Breuer's The Gospel at Colonus ...

Lee Breuer's The Gospel at Colonus foregrounds the themes found in Oedipus at Colonus, of reconciliation and integration, and tests them against America's racially divided society. The analyses in this chapter concentrate on various comparisons between Gospel and its Greek antecedent: on the representation of Oedipus, on descriptions of time and change, on the inconcinnity between the ...

Lee Breuer's Theatrical Technique: From to Gospel at ...

Lee Breuer's Theatrical Technique: From The Animations to Gospel at Colorais Kent Neely Lee Breuer has not been particularly well known during his thirty years of theatrical activity. Although he has directed at the American Repertory Theatre, the New York Shakespeare Festival, in European venues and has written novels, poetry and plays, it is the success of his recent work Gospel at Colonus ...

The Gospel at Colonus: Breuer, Lee:

This adaptation of Sophocles' OEDIPUS AT COLONUS by Lee Breuer retains the spirit of the Greek playwright's reflections upon death, while giving it a baptism into the African-American church. But it is Bob Telson's gospel/blues-inflected songs (performed by the Soul Stirrers, Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama, among others) on the cast album (not included here, this is just a ...

Lee Breuer, Adventurous Theater Director, Dies at 83 - The ...

Lee Breuer, Adventurous Theater Director, Dies at 83 One of the founders of Mabou Mines, he reveled in being an outsider even when his celebrated “The Gospel at Colonus” reached Broadway. Lee...

The Gospel at Colonus - Lee Breuer - Google Books

The fundamental action of The Gospel of Colonus is to "lift him up" - at the hour of Oedipus' death to celebrate his life, to journey through grief to triumphal resurrection. "Man," says lead actor Morgan Freeman, "this is what theatre is all about." Lee Breuer is a founding member of the acclaimed avant-garde company Mabou Mines. He has ...

Gospel at Colonus: Breuer, Lee: Fremdsprachige ...

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The Gospel at Colonus: Breuer, Lee: 9780930452940: Amazon ...

This adaptation of Sophocles' OEDIPUS AT COLONUS by Lee Breuer retains the spirit of the Greek playwright's reflections upon death, while giving it a baptism into the African-American church. But it is Bob Telson's gospel/blues-inflected songs (performed by the Soul Stirrers, Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama, among others) on the cast album (not included here, this is just a ...

LEE BREUER On The Gospel of Colonus - JSTOR

LEE BREUER On "The Gospel of Colonus" Interviewed by Gerald Rabkin Tell me about the concept of The Gospel at Colonus. There's a split between who's playing the preacher and who is playing the Oedipus character. Morgan Freeman is now both playing the minister and narrating the Oedipus character, who is being sung by a very, very famous gospel singer named Clarence Fountain and the Five Blind ...

AMERICAN THEATRE | Lee Breuer, Theatrical Cubist and Idea ...

With Lee Breuer’s death on Jan. 3 at age 83, the theatre lost a beacon of creativity and spunk. Lee had been staging complex, layered works in New York and around the world for more than half a century. Typically writing or adapting texts himself, he often collaborated with puppeteers and musicians. The epic series of “animations” he developed over 35 years—his magnum opus, in a sense ...

AMERICAN THEATRE | Lee Breuer and the Company He Kept

Another memorial tribute to Breuer can be read here. Lee had muses—many muses. Let me tell you how it was. Fred Neumann, Lee would tell me, was his voice. Equal parts Balzac, Orson Welles, Nietzsche, and a rough man he knew from the cold North, Lee wrote and Fred spoke: one voice. Body and song, like Noh theatre. David Warrilow said that his work with Lee on The Lost Ones was making love ...

Lee Breuer, adventurous theater director, dies at 83

Carolyn Johnson-White, center, in “The Gospel at Colonus” in New York, Sept. 2, 2018. Lee Breuer staged a new, warmly reviewed production of “Colonus” for the Public Theater and the Onassis USA Foundation in September 2018, the summer when his long-precarious health took a further downward turn. Sara Krulwich/The New York Times.

The Gospel at Colonus - Wikipedia

The Gospel at Colonus is an African-American musical version of Sophocles 's tragedy, Oedipus at Colonus. The show was created in 1983 by the experimental-theatre director Lee Breuer, one of the founders of the seminal American avant-garde theatre company Mabou Mines, and composer Bob Telson.


Lee Breuer Original Music, Adapted Lyrics and Music Direction by Bob Telson Produced by Sharon Levy/Dovetail Productions, Inc Associate Producer Mabou Mines Co-Directed by Dodd Loomis. Zora Neale Hurston made the connection between Greek tragedy and the sanctified church many years ago. The Gospel at Colonus is a proof of her hypothesis. - Lee Breuer. Performances. September 4, 2018 ...

TheaterMania - Lee Breuer's best-known production was THE ...

Lee Breuer's best-known production was THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS.

A Study Guide for Lee Breuer's "The Gospel at Colonus ...

A Study Guide for Lee Breuer's "The Gospel at Colonus", Taschenbuch von Cengage Learning Gale bei Online bestellen oder in der Filiale abholen.

Script for 'The Gospel at Colonus' adaptation and original ...

Photocopy from published book of script for 'The Gospel at Colonus' based on 'Oedipus at Colonus' by Sophocles, adaptation and original lyrics by Lee Breuer, adapted lyrics by Bob Telson and Lee Breuer and music by Bob Telson. Archive Record | Table of contents. Table of contents; Expanded . Records of Talawa Theatre Company TTC. Company management records TTC/1. Finance records TTC/2. Legal ...

The Gospel at Colonus - Kindle edition by Breuer, Lee ...

The Gospel at Colonus - Kindle edition by Breuer, Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Gospel at Colonus.

Meanwhile, more about Lee Breuer ... - The Auroville ...

RIP writer-director Lee Breuer, founding co-artistic director of the groundbreaking experimental Mabou Mines Theatre Company in New York City. Mabou Mines was established in 1970 by Breuer, Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, JoAnne Akalaitis, David Warrilow, and Frederick Neumann. Much of their work was created and produced with the support of Joseph Papp at the Public Theatre and Ellen Stewart at ...

Lee Breuer, Experimental Stage Director, Dead At 83 ...

Lee Breuer, Experimental Stage Director, Dead At 83. PEOPLE Posted: January 5, 2021 6:03 am “A tenacious outsider who refused his sole Tony Award nomination — for his biggest hit and only Broadway show, the Sophocles adaptation The Gospel at Colonus — Mr. Breuer flourished in the scrappier realm of Off Off Broadway, even as the scale of his works and ambitions took him to larger stages ...

Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright ...

Lee Breuer, a cofounder of New York’s groundbreaking experimental theater company Mabou Mines and writer of Broadway’s Pulitzer Prize finalist The Gospel at Colonus, died Sunday at his home in New York.He was 83. His death was announced by Mabou Mines. A cause was not specified, but the company noted that Breuer died peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones.

The Gospel at Colonus: Breuer, Lee: Books

This adaptation of Sophocles' OEDIPUS AT COLONUS by Lee Breuer retains the spirit of the Greek playwright's reflections upon death, while giving it a baptism into the African-American church. But it is Bob Telson's gospel/blues-inflected songs (performed by the Soul Stirrers, Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama, among others) on the cast album (not included here, this is just a ...

Lee Breuer - IMDb

Lee Breuer, Director: Mabou Mines Dollhouse. Lee Breuer was born on February 6, 1937 in the USA as Esser Leopold Breuer. He was an actor, known for Mabou Mines Dollhouse (2009), Camp (2003) and The Lost Ones (1975). He was married to Maude Mitchell and Ruth Maleczech. He died on January 3, 2021 in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA.

The Gospel At Colonus By Lee Breuer

Playwright Lee Breuer And Poser Bob Telson Recast Sophocles Ancient' 'the gospel at colonus march 26th, 2020 - the gospel at colonus duration 1 27 36 sanfrancisco native 72 574 views 1 27 36 50 videos play all mix the gospel at colonus soul' 'THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS ORIGINAL CAST ORIGINAL CAST MAY 22ND, 2020 - PLAYWRIGHT LEE BREUER AND POSER BOB

The Gospel At Colonus English Edition By Lee Breuer

may 6th, 2020 - the gospel at colonus by lee breuer 1989 theatre munications group edition in english 1st ed' 'marvin and debbie winans at the bmi tba May 19th, 2020 - 50 videos play all mix marvin and debbie winans at the bmi tba bebe amp cece winans revealed pt 5 lost without you duration 8 00 officialcecewinans 1 782 699 views' 'the gospel at colonus co uk breuer lee books May 23rd, 2020 ...

Lee Breuer's 'Gospel at Colonus' | Midday on WNYC | WNYC ...

Lee Breuer's landmark “Gospel at Colonus” is running for just six performances at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

"Gospel at Colonus' a joyful tragedy - SFGATE

Which, to a large extent, is just what writer and director Lee Breuer was after when he set out to do a gospel adaptation of Sophocles' "Oedipus at Colonus" in the early '80s. "I have a feeling ...

The Gospel at Colonus by Lee Breuer, Bob Telson, Paperback ...

“An ancient drama explodes into a hand-clapping, soul-stirring gospel musical.” – ... Lee Breuer has created a remarkable text based on Robert Fitzgerald’s splendid translation. Rearranging, simplifying, cutting here and enhancing there, Breuer has above all honored the spirit and the poetry of Sophocles's lovely work, giving it a new life in this time and place. Inspired by the joyous

Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright ...

The Gospel at Colonus playwright Lee Breuer has died at the age of All details on the site Lee Breuer Dies: ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ Playwright, Leading Force In American Avant-Garde Theater Was 83 Last News

The Gospel at Colonus Critical Essays -

In fact, Lee Breuer says of the play, “It’s not a gospel show, but gospel music is used as an inspiration for re-creating a classic Greek experience, and I believe it is the correct metaphor ...

The Gospel At Colonus By Lee Breuer -

The Gospel At Colonus By Lee Breuer Gospel music meets greek legend in skylight s vibrant. the gospel at colonus broadway musical original ibdb. oedipus at colonus cliffsnotes. oedipus at colonus. the gospel at colonus shows amp events skylight music. the gospel at colonus the new yorker. the gospel at colonus discogs. the gospel at colonus a greek tragedy in gospel form. announcing the gospel ...

The Gospel at Colonus by Lee Breuer (1993-01-01): Amazon ...

The Gospel at Colonus by Lee Breuer (1993-01-01) | | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Lee Breuer - Artist - MacDowell

The Gospel at Colonus - The 1985 production with Morgan Freeman, Clarence Fountain, Isabel Monk and more. Lee Breuer (1937-2021) was an acclaimed theatre director of experimental and avant-garde productions, and the founding artistic director of Mabou Mines Theater in New York, writing, directing, and creating diverse fictions in plays, films, books, poems, and songs. He toured, taught, and ...

The Gospel at Colonus by Bob Telson | Free Listening on ...

Lee Breuer and Bob Telson's The Gospel at Colonus, live in Philadelphia 1985, featuring Morgan Freeman, Clarence Fountain and The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Soul Stirrers, Jevetta Steele, Sam Butler, The Institutional Radio Choir, and many more. This epic adaptation of Sophocles' "Oedipus at Colonus" premiered at BAM in 1983, Broadway in 1988, and has been touring ever since. Adapted ...

V. George Shillington A Complicated Love Story

The Fourth Gospel, otherwise known as the gospel of the beloved disciple of Jesus, has captivated the imagination of myriads of people worldwide. Echoing one of its major themes, namely water, this gospel has been described as one in which a child can wade and an elephant can swim. Of the four gospels in the New Testament, this one stands out from the other three at several levels. In the Fourth Gospel the extraordinary acts of Jesus are labeled consistently as signs, not miracles. In the second major part, however, the signs give way to reality found uniquely in the life and death of Jesus on behalf of benighted humanity. He is the true light that enlightens every one and every thing. There are no parables in the Fourth Gospel. A parable is something that is literally thrown alongside the ordinary world of the day. The Fourth Evangelist focuses on truth, one of its major themes. There are puzzling pieces mixed in with the good news, which serves to make this gospel captivating to the reader. Through all of the complex twists and turns in this gospel the theme of love shines forth brilliantly, especially so in the second half.

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Arthur M. Wright Jr. The Governor and the King

The Fourth Gospel is a political document. Although it has often been interpreted primarily as a «spiritual gospel,» it has much to offer readers engaged in the difficult task of negotiating life lived under the dominion of empire, whether in the first or twenty-first century. This book gives careful attention to the political dimensions of the Gospel's Passion Narrative, including the arrest scene (18:1-12), the Roman show trial (18:28–19:16), and the crucifixion and burial of Jesus (19:16-40). It employs James C. Scott's model of hidden transcripts and examines the Fourth Gospel's use of irony as it seeks to understand the political dimensions of the Fourth Gospel and its relationship to the Roman Empire.
In this book, Wright argues that the Passion Narrative displays part of a Johannine hidden transcript that resists, contests, and at times mimics elements of Roman imperial power. The Gospel mocks the representatives of Rome, including Pilate, the Roman soldiers, and the Jewish authorities, eroding confidence in the empire and its agents. It also subverts Roman imperial claims of dominance, authority, and power. As such, the Fourth Gospel fosters an alternative worldview and community, one centered on faith in the sovereignty of Jesus and Israel's God.

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Sophocles King Oedipus

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Greek tragedies, ‘King Oedipus’ (or ‘Oedipus Rex’) is the first play in the Oedipus trilogy (followed by ‘Oedipus at Colonus’ and then ‘Antigone’). After defeating the Sphinx and freeing the kingdom of Thebes from her curse, the flawed hero unwittingly fulfills a prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother.

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Joel Collison The Impossible Gospel

This book takes time to defend the foundation of Christianity: the gospel itself. If you have any respect for the Bible at all, this book will show that you can know for sure that you are going to Heaven. It will also convincingly prove that Lordship Salvation is absolutely impossible. Plus it addresses several common questions about Salvation.

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Jim Rotholz Gospel Without Borders

To what degree does culture facilitate or distort the Christian faith, the gospel of Jesus, and the life of the church? In America, the distortion is enormous. Gospel Without Borders carefully examines the complex intersection of culture and faith in America, providing insights that allow for better understanding and a more genuine experience of biblical and historic Christianity.
Gospel Without Borders analyzes the formative and interactive roles that human nature and cultural history play in contemporary expressions of Christianity in America. It outlines their profound but little appreciated influence upon the shape and scope of Christian faith within society-at-large, the church, and the lives of individuals. The study illuminates the dimensions of a largely unheralded gospel message characterized by unimpeded faith that fully accords with the kingdom Jesus stridently proclaimed. It outlines the dimensions of faith freed from the disappointing forms of «culturalized» Christianity that always prove insufficient on a personal level and woefully inadequate to the demands of contemporary life within our globalizing world.
Today's world can only be effectively impacted through a «gospel without borders»–a compelling gospel most Americans have yet to hear, and too many Christians–of every cultural and denominational background–have yet to fully embrace.

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David Spell Miracles in Mark

The Gospel of Mark has long been regarded as «The Gospel of Action.» It contains more miracles and supernatural phenomena than Matthew, Luke, or John. In fact, a third of Mark's Gospel is centered on the miraculous deeds of Jesus. Mark is clearly more concerned with what Jesus did than with what He said. From the vision that Jesus experienced at His baptism to the supernatural events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection, Dr. Spell will take the reader on a journey of exploration through the pages of Mark's Gospel. The miracles of Jesus are as profoundly important for us today as they were for those who experienced them. This study will help to guide readers in finding insights for their own lives.

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Ron J.D. Hutchcraft Bringing Back the Gospel

We hear the word &quot;Gospel&quot; all the time – Gospel music, Gospel missions, Prosperity Gospel, and more. But for all our familiarity with the &quot;Gospel,&quot; it&#39;s surprising how much confusion there is about what that message really is. And because eternities depend on it, it&#39;s desperately important that we get it right.<br><br>In his new e-book, Bringing Back the Gospel: Uncut, Unencumbered, Uncompromised!, Ron Hutchcraft answers the following questions: What is the Gospel? Why is it so important to get &quot;The Gospel&quot; right? What are the ways we add to, subtract, miss, or distort the Gospel? Why is this message so significant for every believer? &quot;We have in this Gospel from God the information on which eternities depend. We cannot and must not fail to deliver it. Uncut, Unencumbered, Uncompromised.&quot;

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Matthew Tindal Christianity as old as the creation, or The gospel

Полный вариант заголовка: «Christianity as old as the creation, or The gospel / [Matthew Tindal]».


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Группа авторов Is the Gospel Good News?

Is the Gospel Good News? was the theme of the 2015 H. H. Bingham Colloquium at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, held on June 4-5. The fourteen participants in this colloquium presented their own individual perspectives on the theme from three broad vantage points–Bible, theology, and crucial topics. The «good news» that Jesus proclaimed concerning the kingdom of God became the «gospel» proclaimed by his followers throughout church history. This gospel is about the coming of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of God's will for humanity. This volume presents some accounts of how this good news has been understood through the ages and continues to be understood in relation to some of the major topics and issues of our contemporary world. The papers in the Bible section discuss this good news from both Old and New Testament passages and themes. The papers in the Theology section address theological topics in light of the question of what constitutes the good news. Finally, the papers in the Crucial Topics section explore new and different perspectives on ways in which the gospel is good news. This volume highlights diverse perspectives and proposals by scholars from various locations in different stages of their academic careers, resulting in a stimulating discussion of the topic of the gospel as good news.

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John Paul Heil The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John has been examined from many different perspectives, but a comprehensive treatment of the theme of worship in this Gospel has not yet appeared. John Paul Heil offers a contribution toward a remedy of this deficiency by analyzing the entire Gospel of John from the perspective of its various dimensions of worship. The aim is to illustrate that three different but complementary dimensions of worship–confessional, sacramental, and ethical–dominate this Gospel. Indeed, these different types of worship represent the ways one expresses and demonstrates the faith that includes having divine life eternal, which is the stated purpose for writing the signs Jesus did in this Gospel–"that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that, believing, you may have life in his name" (John 20:31).

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Подробнее — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Lee Breuer The Gospel at Colonus по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Lee Breuer The Gospel at Colonus — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.